Free rap beats instrumentals can be hard to come across sometimes. If you’re having a hard time finding them just click the link at the end of this article to get 2 free ones. I wanted to give back to the indie rap artists who go after their dreams of becoming a successful artist.

That’s important to me because its apart of my vision as a music producer. But the important question is what is your vision as an artist? Do you even have one? If so, you’re on the right track to reaching your dreams. If not, then this is where you want to start. You’re probably asking why vision is so important in the equation of success and what role does it play. I’ll share that with you today.

Look at your vision as seeing the future before it has happened. You’re basically stating that you will accomplish something that hasn’t been done yet in your life. Usually this vision is driven by a strong reason “why” you want to accomplish it. The reason has to be beneficial to not only you, but to other people as well. This part could be tricky for some because most indie rap artists just want the money.

Now don’t get me wrong the money is cool but, you have to get out of the realm of yourself and start to think about the people that you may be affecting with your music and your lyrics. Words are one of the most powerful things one has to offer to the world and using the wrong ones could affect a person is a good way or a bad way. Which way does your lyrics affect people?

What is your reason? Why did you become a rapper in the first place? What drove you to that decision at that moment in time? Once you have found that reason hold on to it because it will be the core driver to ignite the fire to burn and continue to go after your goal to accomplish that vision. In the times that it seems hard and you feel as if no one is taking you serious, this is where this burning desire is needed the most.

I know because I dealt with it as a producer and still do sometimes with certain people. But you know, some people’s opinions on what you do, frankly don’t matter. I only listen to people who are successful and are where I would like to be. It’s a big shift when you start to do that instead of listening to everybody else.

Remember this formula: Your Burning Desire + Your Vision + Your Consistent Daily Action towards Your Vision = Your Success. Don’t get caught up in things that don’t help you accomplish your goals and dreams.

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Be sure to grab those today and start to take action towards you dreams.

Stay Blessed,

Young Hercules


So you’re a rap artist looking for free rap beats right? Well here you can get 2 free ones just by clicking this link: bit.ly/free-rap-beats

But why am I giving away 2 free beats? Well it helps with my vision. My vision when I started to produce music was to provide rap beats to indie rap artists around the world. This became my vision because I realize that both you and I have the same ability to change people’s moods around the world for the better. We literally have the power to change ones mood from sad or depressed to happy and joyful just by the sounds of our music.

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That’s why its important for me to give back to the rap artists around the world, to help you create your music and get where you’re trying to go. I know that you have dreams and different intentions on getting things accomplished within your career as a rap artist. I just want to be of service and help you out.

I know a lot of producers who are hesitant to give away free beats. They say things like “Well we have to eat too.” Now don’t get me wrong, that’s totally true but it’s also true that the more you give the more you receive. You see I believe that this world that we live in is an abundant one. If you know about the laws of the universe and the law of reciprocity, you know what I’m talking about.

It’s okay to give away things for a better cause. You will get back more as time goes past. So go here and get your 2 Free Rap Beats Here: bit.ly/free-rap-beats

You know let me tell you a story about a time I was refusing to take something that someone was trying to give me. You know back in 2010 I had a big ego and I had too much pride to take things that people tried to give me. Reason was because when I grew up, I was told that if I wanted something I had to work for it. So at the time I was going through a lot. I had just brought my first laptop for my music production and had all my programs and files. But one day when I was out with some friends, someone stole my laptop and keyboard out of my dorm room.

I was lit! I was furious! If you ever had something stolen from you, that you valued, I’m sure you understand. But when this happened I was offered by a friend to use an old laptop he had to start back doing my music. At first I was very unwilling to­­ take it because I was ­letting my ego get in the way because I wasn’t use to getting something for free.­

But you know at that moment I realized that my friend was willing to give me something that would help me create success in my endeavors. That’s all I want to do here. I want to help you create success in your endeavors as a rap artist.

So get your 2 Free Rap Beats today here: bit.ly/free-rap-beats

Stay Blessed,

Young Hercules­­

Today I did a audio about a way you can start to fund your efforts

to get into the studio and/or get the equipment you need to get that

high quality sound you're looking for with your music. Enjoy!


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Here’s a recommended site to start with: Clickbank.com

Stay Blessed,

Young Hercules


It can be hard to stay motivated towards a goal you want to accomplish.

Sometimes you have good days and some are bad. But when you realize

that life is made up of ups and downs all you have to do is figure out how to

get past the downs with a better mental attitude. That’s what I want to share

with you today.


The greatest way to stay motivated is to create alignment in your life. Now

by alignment I mean you want to align your conscious outcomes.

These are the things that you want. Number 2 you want alignment with you

unconscious desires to aim at those outcomes. Finally number 3 you want

to align those with what you communicate on a daily basis.

For example what you speak about, write about, talk to your friends about, your

spouse about, etc. Realize what you speak about on a daily basis plays a huge

role in how your life is whether you believe it or not.


With this you have to align all of those things with actions. Let’s just be real here.

There’s no magical fairy that comes and just grants wishes and give you the things

you want. You have to take daily action to obtain your goals. When these things

are aligned you will start to see a huge difference in your life and business when

you do this.


So today take action towards your goals and remember why you started to do what

you do in the first place. Remember back when you made the decision that this is

what you wanted to do and that you were going to accomplish it no matter what.

Remember the drive you had at the beginning and how it felt to have those first

successes in your business. That’s what’s going to drive you to take the daily

action and continue to align yourself towards reaching your goals.


Remember Rome was built daily, not in a day …


Stay Blessed,

Young Hercules


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