How You can Gain Exposure


You may think that gaining exposure can be a tough thing when you start out, but that's only a negative thought. Gaining exposure can be pretty simple. You just have to choose a strategy of getting it and master it.

Some strategies are:

1. Using Youtube (posting videos)
2. A Facebook Fan Page
3. Starting a Blog (to provide content)
4. Building a list of Fans
5. SEO (search engine optimization)

That's just a few of the strategies that can be used. I know for instance when I first got online, after I would produce music I would upload it to Youtube. Matter of fact I still do that now and it's a great way to get free exposure. One key to Youtube is the keyword tags you place on your video (just a golden nugget for you).

I currently have a beat video I put up that has over 15,000 views and it's still getting views as I write this. I have gotten plenty of people who are interested in my music as well from that video and others that I've posted.

So choose your strategy to master and you'll start to get exposure in no time, as long as you're consistent and persistent with action.

Alright Stay Blessed,

Young Hercules

Forgetting Why You Started


I realize that a huge problem that a lot of indie artists face is staying motivated to accomplish their goals. You may be one of them that does. It's weird because I see it all the time and sometimes wonder what happens. But I then I think about myself and when I started.

You see, I had was dealing with the same problem a while ago where I was lacking motivation.  I just didn't feel like doing anything and was being lazy in my business.  This was due to one fatal mistake which I soon figured out and fixed immediately.

The mistake was forgetting the reason why I began doing what I do.  Losing the sense of purpose I had for what I did.

Nine times out of ten this is your problem l. Your forgetting why you started doing this in the first place. Maybe it was to create a better life for you and your family.  Maybe it was to get signed. Whatever the reaon, it needs to stay in the forefront of your mind. You should be thinking about that in your down time.

You know it's said that whatever you think about most of the time tends to manifest into reality.  So if you're thinking of lack and poverty or that you can't succeed, then most likely you're not. But if you're thinking about your vision and your goals most of the time, what do you think will happen?

Be sure to not just think of these things, but to also take the necessary actions everyday towards them. Thoughts without actions create zero results.

Remember that....

Stay Blessed,

Young Hercules

Life and Adjustments


This audio is about Life and making Adjustments during it...

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Stay Blessed,

Timothy Ferrell

New Audio For You


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Stay Blessed,

Timothy Ferrell aka Young Hercules

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