As a rap artist you want to have a strong fan base that supports you and your music. Some say you can't gain this fan base without a label backing you, but that couldn't be more than false. There are a lot of indie (independent) artists who have huge fan bases and are not signed. Today I want to explain a way you can start building your fan base online.

Building your fan base can also be called a building a list of potential buyers of your music. So how can you start building this list of fans/potential buyers? Well there's a couple of steps:

1. Before anything you need to have a Vision for your music

2. You need to have a blog or website with your own domain name to post your content

3. You need a Email Autoresponder service such as Aweber

4. You need to know your traget market (What type of people listen to the music you make)

5. You need a marketing strategy (I would use Facebook)

6. You need to set up a Web Form within Aweber so people can opt-in with their name and email so they get some of your material for free

7. You need to create and test ads on Facebook aiming towards your target market

8. You need to follow up with these people (Your potential buyers) with new content that you create.

That's just some of the things you will need at least to get started.

So if you want to start building a fan base, start to implement those things listed above.

Stay Blessed,

Timothy Ferrell aka Young Hercules

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When you're a rapper sometimes it may be hard to come up with topics to rap about in your songs. Well really if you just sit and think about it, some of the greatest rappers who are still alive or gone they all have one thing in common. Can you guess what it is?

The answer is that they all rap about real life experiences. Not too much just about money, girls, and cash. Think of Biggie or Tupac or Jay Z. Even Wayne (the drought) Wayne, Eminem, etc.

These rappers all talked about real stuff that was going on in their life as well as what was going on in the world and hip hop communities. So what's a real life topic that you can rap about that you know about. That's easy. Your childhood and the process of growing up.

This allows your fan base to really connect with you on another level because you're expressing where you've been, how you grew up, and where you are today. Want proof that it's powerful? Have you ever listened to the Biggie Smalls song "Juicy"? If so, I know you heard the lyric "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis/When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this.../" He was rapping about his past and connecting it with his present.

Try not so much to just hear the music but listen to the schemes of the rappers lyrics and you will see that many talk about their past and where they are now. You can do the same and have powerful lyrics in your songs.

So try this topic out for yourself and let me know how it goes...

Stay Blessed,

Timothy Ferrell aka Young Hercules

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As a independent rap artist you need a way to build a fan base as well as a way to stay in touch with your fans on a daily basis. What better way to do this other than through a blog.

So lets start with what exactly a blog is and how you can use it to your advantage. A blog is a website, such as the one you're on right now, where content is made for others to view. This content can range across many topics but usually deals with what the author of the blog is passionate about or their personal business.

It iis used as a platform to provide information to ones following. So in your case as a rap artist, you could udate it daily with new content allowing your following (Fan base) to capture those moments as well. The content on your blog could be your new music videos, songs, mixtapes, albums, etc.

If you're interested in learning how to get a blog watch this video

Blogging is consider to be one of the best methods in allowing ones following to stay up to date with what's going on, so if you were to input this into your process the possibilites are endless.

If you're interested and learning more about how a blog can help you click here

Stay Blessed,

Timothy Ferrell aka Young Hercules


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Free rap beats instrumentals can be hard to come across sometimes. If you’re having a hard time finding them just click the link at the end of this article to get 2 free ones. I wanted to give back to the indie rap artists who go after their dreams of becoming a successful artist.

That’s important to me because its apart of my vision as a music producer. But the important question is what is your vision as an artist? Do you even have one? If so, you’re on the right track to reaching your dreams. If not, then this is where you want to start. You’re probably asking why vision is so important in the equation of success and what role does it play. I’ll share that with you today.

Look at your vision as seeing the future before it has happened. You’re basically stating that you will accomplish something that hasn’t been done yet in your life. Usually this vision is driven by a strong reason “why” you want to accomplish it. The reason has to be beneficial to not only you, but to other people as well. This part could be tricky for some because most indie rap artists just want the money.

Now don’t get me wrong the money is cool but, you have to get out of the realm of yourself and start to think about the people that you may be affecting with your music and your lyrics. Words are one of the most powerful things one has to offer to the world and using the wrong ones could affect a person is a good way or a bad way. Which way does your lyrics affect people?

What is your reason? Why did you become a rapper in the first place? What drove you to that decision at that moment in time? Once you have found that reason hold on to it because it will be the core driver to ignite the fire to burn and continue to go after your goal to accomplish that vision. In the times that it seems hard and you feel as if no one is taking you serious, this is where this burning desire is needed the most.

I know because I dealt with it as a producer and still do sometimes with certain people. But you know, some people’s opinions on what you do, frankly don’t matter. I only listen to people who are successful and are where I would like to be. It’s a big shift when you start to do that instead of listening to everybody else.

Remember this formula: Your Burning Desire + Your Vision + Your Consistent Daily Action towards Your Vision = Your Success. Don’t get caught up in things that don’t help you accomplish your goals and dreams.

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Be sure to grab those today and start to take action towards you dreams.

Stay Blessed,

Young Hercules

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